Gustavo Alarco & Slight return do it again. Just when you thought you could "Walk Away" after a hot summers night ready to face the world with all of it's Trials and Tribulations this Detroit and Southern California Rock Band is in your face with a hard hitting track that makes you think, scares you a little, but ultimately brings a sense of joy and relief.

"WALK AWAY", The newly released single from Gustavo Alarco & Slight Return with the Axe grinding licks from Mark Kassa on Guitar touch on the subject of Mental Health with this Christian Rock song that is sure to remain on playlists for years to come.

When asked in an interview why the subject matter of mental health and why the Christian Rock genre Gustavo Alarco was quoted saying " We live in an ever changing world where people have had to deal with being locked down in every country for long periods of time, without that outlet of seeing their friends and families, and in a large number of cases has affected them internally, mentally and even physically" Gustavo said.

" We are social beings, we need to see people, hug our friends and family, experience this incredible planet that God  has created, and in not being able to do so has created that void that many were and are not able to cope with." he said " Lets open up our doors and step back out into the familiar, as well as explore some less chartered areas of our inner most loving soul". Gustavo stated " God created the land and seas for us to revel in their beauty, not to be spectators through a flat screen in our homes, from the confines of 4 walls and a roof "

The song " Walk Away" came to me during that time when everything seemed dark and empty, with no light in sight" Gustavo said. " Open up those blinds and doors, step out into the light, and when things get in the way and you find it hard to cope, when those demons attempt to take you to places that are dark and negative, pull yourself up, love yourself, and simply " Walk Away"

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GUSTAVO ALARCO and the #DrexxellLexingtonRoadShow are gearing up for the 2022 NAMM show next week in Anaheim, California .Gustavo with be presenting the new Album "AMOR" featuring Mark Kassa & Slight Return, as well as showcasing all of the great new gear at NAMM. The Drexxel Lexington Road Show will have special guests throughout the weekend at NAMM. Stay tuned, and get ready to Rock the days and night away. NAMM, we've missed you !!!!!

NEW VIDEO : #Unforgettable&Insatiable To all of the women in this world that make us better Men. #God bless you.


Roy Oberg's talent really shines in this video montage shot in Detroit, Michigan, home to Motor City and Motown. Reminiscent of the hits from back in the day. Mark Kassa's vision really pops in this upbeat music video .Written by Gustavo Alarco & Mark Kassa. Mark's unparalleled musical arrangement and production along with Gustavo's crafty lyrics and melody transport you to a sensual place of happiness, love and lots of dancing. So Men,  put on your sharpest threads and Ladies get out there and Rock it , Groove it, and show them how you Move it !!!

Produced by Slight Return, Mark Kassa & Gustavo Alarco, this tune will be spinning for decades to come. Hop in your classic muscle car, roll down the windows, roll up your sleeves..... grab your sweetheart, and cruise the boulevard down to the club. Oh, yeah..... tell the door Man you're with the Band !!!

#Unforgettable&Insatiable written by : (Lyrics & Melody): Gustavo Alarco (Music) : Mark Kassa

Music produced and arranged by : Mark Kassa & Slight Return

Vocals produced and arranged by : Gustavo Alarco

Song produced by : Slight Return, Gustavo Alarco & Mark Kassa

Video produced By Roy Oberg an Mark Kassa

Music Video Directed by : Mark Kassa

Gustavo Alarco appears courtesy of : ChemBee Records & AiProductions LLC

Mark Kassa & Slight Return appear courtesy of : Slight Return Music LLC

(c)2022 ChemBee Records, in association with AiProductions LLC & Slight Return Music LLC

all rights reserved.